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We are a family ranch located in Applegate, Oregon.    Our goal is to provide a healthy, humane, pasture raised product (for the benefit of the animal as well as the buyer) in the most sustainable way possible.  We have sheep, goats (both meat and dairy), Hogs, chicken (both meat and eggs) and cattle.    All animals are pasture raised.  We planning on adding more heritage and rare breed livestock.   Our goats are tested CAE, Johnes, and brucellosis negitive. 
We are growing food for the animals in the gardens and using intensive pasture rotations.  Every year it is our goal to become more and more sustainable, because of this we will be downsizing our goat herd and working more with the sheep who thrive on the land we live on. 
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We are members of ADGA and American Lamancha Club.

American Dairy Goat Association